Every year we see homeowners dumping thousands of dollars back into their lawns to repair grub damage because they did not have our Grub Guard program in place to help control their grub populations. Because grubs are a sub-surface feeding insect, the average homeowner will not see the damage grubs cause until it is usually too late and costly repairs are needed.

Grub Prevention for Your Lawn

Grubs can be commonly found in most Illinois lawns. The problem arises when grub populations get too high for the turf to keep up with the damage grubs cause. Unfortunately, grubs are usually detected after their damage to the turf is irreversible. The best insurance policy is a healthy lawn that is treated with an annual grub preventative.

Grub Guard: Preventative Treatment

To keep your yard’s grub population in check and protect your lawn from grub damage, you should have a professional apply a grub preventative, like Turf Care’s Grub Guard. Our Grub Guard treatment is included in our Gold and Platinum lawn care programs. It can also be added as an a-la-carte service if you are on one of our many other programs. Grub Guard is a granular lawn care treatment that is applied to your lawn in early summer. It forms an invisible barrier around your lawns root zone. When grubs come in contact with the barrier, they quickly stop feeding and slowly start to die. One treatment is guaranteed to protect your lawn for the entire year.

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Pro Tip: Don’t Use Beetle Traps

Since grubs are beetle larvae, beetle traps actually attract larger numbers of males and females to your yard – virtually creating a breeding ground for grubs on your property.

Common Questions About Grubs

What is a Grub?

Grubs are the larvae of several types of Scarab Beetles. Most grub species complete their life cycle in one year, one species can live in your soil for up to 3 years. During the early Summer months, adult beetles begin to lay their eggs deep in the soil under your lawn. Within weeks, eggs hatch and baby grubs start to move up to feed on the roots of your grass plants. In late summer through early Fall, you will begin to see turf damage from grubs. If you happen to have one of the grub species that live longer than one year, you can expect to see more lawn damage Spring – Fall of the following year. Healthy, well maintained lawns can usually sustain small grub population attacks, however high populations of grubs can quickly cause severe lawn damage, sometimes killing your entire lawn resulting in very costly renovations. Don’t risk damage to your lawn from this destructive pest, have us apply a grub guard treatment annually.

What are Common Signs of Grub Damage?

Grubs love warm, dry areas and are commonly found near hard surfaces and south-facing slopes. Visible grub damage will appear as brown turf areas that can sometimes be lifted up like a rug. Food seeking predators like raccoons, moles, skunks and birds can detect grubs and cause further damage by digging in the lawn where grubs are present. Raccoons will quickly rip up a grub infested lawn for a quick and easy protein filled meal.

What are Some Indicators of a High Grub Population?

  • Finding 4-5 dead brown/red beetles around your porch light in one night during late May through early June.
  • Seeing excessive amounts of Japanese beetles mating, warming in the sun or feeding on your plant leaves.
  • Discovering as few as 5 grubs in a one square foot area in your garden or lawn.
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I started using this company 2 years ago because my lawn had different vines growing on top of it, and had problems with beetles, grubs and ants. They solved my problems. Overtime the vines went away and the lawn looks great. The skunks were destroying the lawn from the grubs, and now the grubs are gone. I can now sit on my deck and not be disturbed by the ants. This is a great company. Their product works.

Marcia H. (Google Review)

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