Thatch is the number one enemy of your lawn and one of the main reasons for lawn problems. Healthy lawns rely on regular aeration and thatch reduction treatments to remain healthy and lush.

How Thatch Affects Your Lawn

Thatch is an accumulation of dead and living plant parts located at the soil surface, just below the grass. Thatch creates a sponge like barrier, trapping vital moisture and nutrients up on the surface away from the reach of your roots. This causes an unhealthy, unnatural state, with roots that grow up on the surface and in the thatch, instead of down deep in your soil where vital moisture and nutrients are held. Roots cannot survive long on the surface, and when they die they add to even more thatch. Thatch is also a breeding area for turf damaging insects and contributes to the growth and spread of fungi which causes lawn disease. Think of it as a wet kitchen sponge harboring all kinds of bacteria. Thatch weakens the health of your lawn, making it more susceptible to damage from heat stress, insects, and diseases.

What is the Best Way to Remove Excessive Thatch?

While vertical mowers and mechanical dethatchers are popular dethatching tools used by homeowners and other lawn care companies, we do not recommend using them to remove excessive thatch. These tools are designed to rip the thatch up through the grass and generally do more harm than good.

The safest alternatives for thatch reduction are core aeration and biological controls. Aeration opens up the thatch layer, allowing moisture, air, and nutrients to easily reach the root zone. When aeration is done in combination with Bio Dethatching treatments, your lawn will become healthier and be better able to withstand adversity, like droughts and attacks from insects and diseases.

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Benefits of Bio Dethatching

Our Bio Dethatching treatments are made from 100% natural ingredients that have been proven to safely and effectively reduce thatch. Treatments contain a blend of beneficial micro organisms designed to accelerate the natural decomposition of thatch. Once a thriving community of natural, thatch-eating microbes are established, they will continue to help reduce and prevent further thatch development.

When Bio Dethatching treatments are applied to the surface of your lawn, millions of microbes start to go to work feeding on your thatch. Other ingredients help stimulate a microbe friendly environment and encourage the microbes currently in your soil to multiply, putting them to work as well. These microbes help turn thatch into rich humus, which is beneficial for growing turf grass.

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Great lawn service and great customer service. The treatments are quick, and they leave thorough directions on how to maintain your lawn after the applications are applied.

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