It would be difficult to find another lawn care service in this area that knows more about safely controlling weeds than we do. When you hire Turf Care Enterprises, you will be hiring a family-owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience controlling weeds. We guarantee our weed control treatments will work as we promise, and you’ll also have the assurance of knowing that the treatments we use have all been tested and proven to be safer than common table salt. Best of all, our natural-based holistic weed control process will significantly reduce weeds from invading your lawn in the future.

Our History

When we opened our doors in 1986, it was on a simple mission to provide better and safer lawn care for homeowners in our local communities. This means we had to develop better solutions for controlling weeds, and those controls had to be safer for families, pets and our environment. We are proud to say we accomplished this with our Natural Based Holistic Weed control process.

Natural Based Holistic Weed Control

The traditional weed control approach used by most lawn care firms is to simply spray chemical pesticides on your weeds. This kills your weeds, but new weeds quickly return to take their place. This process creates an unnatural dependency of frequent chemical spraying to keep your lawn weed-free. Few companies try to understand why you have the weeds you do in the first place. Most weeds are a symptom of a larger problem. Our holistic approach focuses on identifying the real problem (why you have weeds in the first place) and not just the symptoms. Identifying and correcting the root cause of your weed problem, significantly reduces future weeds, meaning your lawn will require less weed spraying.

Unlimited Weed Sprays Between Treatments

No matter what weeds you have, we guarantee to have a solution for you.

We are so confident in our ability to control your weeds that we offer a money-back guarantee. If for any reason our treatments fail to deliver on what we promise, we guarantee we will return quickly at no charge to re-treat. If our further attempts still do not work, we will refund your money paid for that treatment.

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All our weed control treatments have been tested and proven to be effective on weeds, and all have been tested and proven to be safer for your family and pets than common table salt. Independent safety tests were conducted for all three possible exposures. Ingesting the treatment, inhaling the fumes of the treatment, and getting the treatment on your skin.

Ingredients of our weed control treatments

Our weed controls are primarily made up of auxins. Auxins are present in all plants, and their primary function is to tell the plant how, and when to grow. Since the late ’40s man has been using synthetic auxins in farming for growing crops and food. Our weed control treatments contain a higher rate of auxins than what is normally found in plants, stimulating dicot plants like weeds, to grow too quickly and uncontrollably, ultimately resulting in their death. The auxins in our weed control treatments have little to no effect on monocot plants like turf grass.

Other reasons why our weed control is superior

To get the best weed control results on existing weeds, no one argues that you must use liquid applications applied directly to the leaf surface of your weeds. Fertilizers on the other hand are best applied in a granular form. To save time and money, many lawn care firms use trucks with a large tank. In this large tank they can mix their weed control and fertilizer together, this saves on application time. The savings can be passed on to the customer in reduced fees or pocketed by the company as profit. The main problem with this approach is liquid fertilizer must be mixed in a large volume of water in order to reduce the risk of the liquid fertilizer burning your lawn. A large volume of water is required for the fertilizer, but unfortunately it dilutes your weed control, ultimately reducing its effectiveness on your weeds.

Our mission has always been to provide superior results, which is why we only use granular materials when fertilizing lawns, and only liquid weed controls for controlling existing weeds. Our weed control mix has the perfect ratio of water resulting in more concentrated effective weed control. We also use a custom spray gun specifically designed for spraying weeds, as it produces a smaller sized droplet. Companies that use liquid fertilizer are forced to use a gun designed for applying large volumes of water. These spray guns produce large droplets that tend to bounce off the weed further reducing control.

Separating our fertilizers and weed control treatments also allows us the ability to only spray weeds where you have them, reducing unnecessary product on your lawn, and in our environment.

Experienced Weed Control Professionals

Put over 30 years of weed control experience to work for you and you can finally say goodbye to those unsightly weeds while at the same time have the assurance your treatments are safe for your family and pets.

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Common Questions About Weeds

Will rain affect my weed control application?

Rain usually has a positive effect on weed control – Liquid weed controls are designed to be absorbed into the weed through tiny holes in their leaves called stomata. These stomata open and close based on current weather conditions. They are typically closed on dry, windy days, and open on humid days. Most of the time we get great weed control when treating just before a rain, as stomata are usually open due to increased humidity. In the rare event your weed control treatment does not do what we promise, we will return to spray at no additional charge, because we guarantee our treatments to work as promised.

How long does it take to see results?

When using auxins to control weeds, it can take up to 10 days to start seeing signs the weed control is working. The first signs are curling and twisting of leaves and stems, and deformation of the weed. Remember, auxins are growth regulating hormones, which cause the weed to grow too fast for its own good. Once you see these signs you know the product has been absorbed into the weed. It can take another 2 weeks before the weed disappears completely.

Are your weed controls 100% organic?

There are only a few 100% organic weed controls on the market. We have experimented with all of them, but unfortunately found none of them to work well. So instead, we use an organic weed control approach with our natural based holistic weed control process.

If your treatments are safer than salt, why does the sign say stay off grass till dry?

Our government requires all lawn care services for hire, to post these signs after any lawn care application. If you hired us to water your lawn with a water truck when you are away on vacation, we must post these signs by law. If we apply any of our 100% organic treatments we must also post these signs. We do suggest that you keep children and pets off the lawn until the weed control treatment dries, as walking on the lawn could disrupt this application. Also when the weed control is wet, it can readily get on your dogs paws or children’s shoes, and then if they walk in your garden or landscape beds they could damage unintended plants.

My lawn is mostly weeds, if you kill all my weeds won't I be left with bare dirt?

This is a common question and surprising this rarely happens if you also have us fertilizer your lawn at the same time we apply our weed control treatment. Most weeds suppress the growth of grass, once the weeds are gone your lawn will be invigorated, free to grow and spread naturally again. Also our weed controls do not magically make your weeds disappear overnight, our process can take several weeks. During this slow process, the grass has time to grow, spreading into the areas that used to be occupied by the weeds.

Why do some of my weeds tend to get bigger, or flower, soon after you spray them?

We use auxins to control weeds. Auxins are present in all plants as growth hormones. Our weed control applications use a higher amount of auxins than what is normally found in your plants. This increased auxin level signals the weeds to grow rapidly and uncontrollably, ultimately resulting in their death.

Can I seed my lawn after a weed control treatment?

We suggest you wait 2 weeks before seeding your lawn after we have applied a weed control treatment.

How soon after I seed, can you spray my lawn with your weed control applications?

The auxins in our weed control treatments are designed to only affect dicot plants like weeds, and your grass is a monocot plant. However, treating your lawn with weed control is added stress on these immature grass plants which should be avoided for optimal seeding success. To be safe, we recommend that you do not apply our weed control treatments to your newly seeded lawn until the new grass is up and mowed at least twice.

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I have been using Turf Care for 25+ years and no dandelions. They are very professional and helpful regarding care for your lawn. My lawn looks great and I plan to have Turf Care for another 25 years!

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