Not to worry – We have been solving lawn disease issues for homeowners in the northwest suburbs of Chicago since 1986. We guarantee to have solutions for even your toughest lawn diseases. Best of all, you’ll love our Natural Based Holistic approach that is proven to control most of our local lawn diseases, without the need for chemical fungicides.

Identifying Lawn Diseases

Symptoms of lawn disease typically show up as discolored turf, spots, rings or dead areas. There are over a dozen different diseases in the Chicagoland area that can attack and damage our local lawns. Knowing how to correctly identify the lawn disease in your yard is the first step in understanding how to best control it.

Treating Lawn Diseases

Once you have correctly identified which lawn disease is damaging your lawn. You can now focus on the best method for controlling that disease. The standard approach used by most lawn care firms in this area, is to simply spray the lawn with chemical fungicides. We rarely agree with this method, as fungicide applications tend to only address the symptoms, not the root cause of why you have the disease in the first place. Also, to stop the symptoms of the disease, most fungicides need to be applied repeatedly, which can get very costly, not to mention it is not good for our environment. We use a Natural Based Holistic approach that focuses on solving the real problem, and not just addressing the symptoms.

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Our Natural Based Holistic Approach

All plants have the ability to build natural defenses against disease-causing pathogens provided they have the proper building blocks, like correct nutrition, favorable growing conditions, and proper cultural practices. In order for any disease to develop, it needs three things: 1) A disease causing pathogen, 2) A susceptible host, 3) A specific environment. Eliminating just one of these three things will stop the lawn disease from developing. Our Holistic approach focuses on giving your plants what they need to grow healthy and strong which in turn will help them to naturally fight off disease without chemical treatments. Our holistic process is proven to work, and more importantly, will eliminate the need to expose your family, pets and the environment to unnatural chemical fungicides. Contact one of our Certified Lawn Care Professionals to learn more about how our process can safely control your lawn disease.

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Pro Tip: Reduce Your Thatch

Thatch is a breeding ground for disease-causing fungi. You can help keep thatch from developing through regular core aeration of your lawn. Already have a thatch problem? Bio dethatching treatments can help naturally reduce your existing thatch.

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Common Questions About Lawn Diseases

What are the most common lawn diseases in the Chicago area?

A few of the more common diseases we see in our area are: Dollar Spot, Grey Snow Mold, Leaf Spot, Leaf Spot/Melting Out, Fairy Ring, Fusarium Blight, Pink Patch, Pink Snow Mold, Powdery Mildew, Pythium Blight, Necrotic Ring Spot, Red Thread, Rhizoctonia Brown Patch, Rust, Summer Patch, and Yellow Patch.

Does fertilizer help prevent lawn diseases?

The right fertilizer containing the correct nutrients for your grass type, will provide some of the building blocks your grass needs to develop natural defenses against disease. Applying the wrong fertilizer or applying the right fertilizer at the wrong time will actually encourage lawn disease.

Can watering at night encourage lawn disease?

Yes – Especially foliar lawn diseases like leaf spot, red thread, dollar spot, etc. Water is needed for the disease pathogens to grow, spread and thrive. Watering at night does not allow the surface of the turf to dry out, it usually stays moist until the sun comes up the next day. This prolonged period of excess moisture encourages the growth and spread of the disease-causing fungi.

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