Homeowners have wondered for decades how we are able to consistently achieve the best looking lawns in their neighborhoods. The secret is in our local experience. We have performed thousands of soil tests in this area over the last 30 years. We understand which nutrients are lacking in our local community soils and what our local plant types need to perform at their optimal level. We have also experimented with hundreds of different fertilizer types and formulations to determine which ones work best for our local areas. Put our experience to work for you, and your lawn could be on its way to becoming the envy of your neighborhood.

Our History

When we opened our doors in 1986 it was on a simple mission to provide better and safer lawn care to homeowners in our local communities. This means our fertilizers would need to produce better results and at the same time be safer for families, pets and our environment. We are proud to say the we have achieved both of these goals.


Most homeowners would love a thick, beautiful green lawn, but many are afraid of the treatments needed to achieve those results. With Turf Care Enterprises you can rest easy knowing that all our lawn care treatments including our fertilizers, have been independently tested and proven to be safer than common table salt for your family and pets. We are also one of the few companies in this area that pay an up charge for “Certified Eco-Choice Nutrients”. These certified nutrients have been proven to be safer for our environment.

Proper Nutrition

Before you begin to consider which fertilizer formulas to use on your lawn, you need to first understand which nutrients are lacking in your soil. We take this guess work out for you, as we have performed thousands of soil tests in our local communities. We know which nutrients are needed in our fertilizers, so our local lawns perform best. You will be hard-pressed to find another lawn care company that knows more about our local soil nutrition than we do. We also provide in house soil testing in the event we do not have soil test results for your area.

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Fertilizer Types

Once we learned which nutrients were lacking in our local soils, we then had to determine what fertilizer types would work best for optimal plant uptake of these nutrients. Each fertilizer form has its strengths and weaknesses. Whether you’re applying liquid, granular, organic, natural, mineral, reclaimed, quick release, slow-release or controlled release. You have the assurance of knowing we have experimented with hundreds of different fertilizer types and formulations over the last 3 decades, to determine what fertilizers work best for our local communities.

Custom Fertilizers

Once we determined the nutrients that were needed, and what fertilizer types worked best for our local lawns, we realized these products were rarely available. For this reason, 80% of the fertilizers we use in our lawn care programs are custom made specifically for us. You will not find our high quality custom fertilizers in any store, nor will you find any of our competitors using these products. Which is one of the main reasons our lawns are the envy of their neighbors.

Granular Fertilizer

Most experts will readily agree that results from granular fertilizers far exceed results from liquid fertilizers when caring for lawns. Granular fertilizers build stronger, healthier root systems resulting in thicker, greener healthier turf. Our mission is to provide our local homeowners with the best results, which is why you have our assurance we will only use granular fertilizers in your lawn care program.

Smart Fertilizers

We use primarily natural, mineral, organic and reclaimed materials in our fertilizers. But the real secret to our superior results and safety for our environment is in using the latest advancements in protective fertilizer coatings. About 15 years ago there was a technological breakthrough in fertilizer coatings. Diffusion technology created a new coating known as controlled release fertilizers. (not to be confused with slow release). The beauty of controlled released fertilizers (smart fertilizers) is they only release nutrients when your plants have the ability to take them in. Traditional fertilizers commonly used in this industry are constantly releasing nutrition whether your plant can take them in or not. During warm dry spells more than 50% of these traditional fertilizers can be wasted, never being utilized by your plants.

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If your goal is to have a thick, healthy, beautiful green lawn, then put our 30 years of local experience to work for you. Not only will you have a lawn you can be proud of, you will rest easy knowing your treatments are safe for your family and pets. You will be helping to protect our environment and you will be supporting a local, family owned business, all while obtaining a safe, beautiful lawn that your neighbors will envy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a risk of burning my lawn with your fertilizers?

All fertilizers have the potential to burn grass if they are applied incorrectly or too heavy. Of all the fertilizer types available, our custom fertilizers pose the least risk of burning your grass as they are in a controlled released form. The fertilizers only release when the temperature and moisture are optimal for nutrient absorption.

If your fertilizers are so safe, why does the flag you post say to stay off the grass?

The government requires all lawn care services for hire to post these flags. No matter what treatments we apply to your lawn we must post this flag. Even if you were to hire a company to water your lawn with a water truck when you go on vacation, a flag would need to be posted by law. If you notice, the mandatory wording says to “stay off the grass till treatment dries”. We must post this flag by law even when applying a dry, granular fertilizer treatment.

Do your fertilizers contain organic ingredients?

Yes – We use primarily natural, mineral, organic, and reclaimed materials in our fertilizers. We use the form that is best for the unique needs of your soil and plant types. All our fertilizers have been tested and proven to be less toxic than common table salt.

Do you offer 100% organic fertilizer?

Yes – We have many 100% organic fertilizers available for plant health care. While we primarily use 100% organic fertilizers in our tree and shrub care programs, we do not always recommend their use for lawn care. One of our service advisors would be glad to help you make an informed decision on what materials might be best for your unique plant types.

My lawn borders a pond, do I need to be worried about fertilizer run off?

If you have a body of water that borders your property, you will want to avoid traditional and liquid fertilizers as there is a greater chance of run-off using these materials. We use scientifically advanced granular controlled released fertilizers “Certified Eco-Choice Nutrients” that pose little risk of runoff.

It rained after my fertilizer application, did this ruin my treatment?

Rain is perfect for our fertilizer application. In fact, if we do not receive rain, we recommend that you water your lawn. Plants can only take in the nutrition fertilizers provide when moisture is available.

What about very heavy rains?

Our scientifically-advanced fertilizers have a protective controlled released coating that is not affected by heavy rain. This is one of the reasons our fertilizers received the “Certified Eco-Choice Nutrient” label. Heavy rain can cause run off and leaching when you are using liquid, granular quick-release, or other traditional fertilizers, which is another reason we do not use these fertilizer types in our lawn care programs.

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Since Turf Care Enterprises started fertilizing our lawn five years ago, we have not had one dandelion appear! Their service is great, and their lawn care products work!

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