Are Geese enjoying your outdoor spaces more than you are? Geese can quickly render your yard unsanitary, creating health and safety risks for you and your pets. Now you can take back your yard with our proven, effective, and all-natural goose repellent lawn treatments. Our treatments are made from all natural and organic ingredients, they are odorless, colorless, safe for your family and pets, and are a humane way to relocate geese.

Geese: An Unwanted & Potentially Dangerous Guest

Geese are an unwanted guest that will return to your property year after year – unless you do something. Geese can eat up to 3 pounds of grass a day and a large gathering can quickly strip an area of vegetation. Each goose can leave as much as 2 pounds of excrement behind each day. Goose feces can contaminate water and cause diseases such as salmonella, E. Coli, toxoplasmosis and botulism in humans and pets. Let us assist you in getting your yard back with our goose repellant treatment program.

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Goose Repellant

Our natural goose repellent will deter Canada Geese from making a meal out of your lawn. Geese that feed on turf treated with our natural goose repellent develop a harmless but mild digestive discomfort and deem your grass undesirable. Our goose repellent has the unique ability to absorb ultraviolet light in a spectrum that geese can see, but humans cannot. Geese choose to move on to find untreated tasty turf, preferring to feed on grasses that look and taste natural to them.

What Results Can I Expect from Goose Repellant?

Depending on the intensity of your goose problem, 4 to 8 applications your first year are usually needed to begin training the geese to avoid your turf. Less treatments are required your 2nd year, and usually by your third year only 1-3 applications annually are needed to keep geese away. Geese need continual conditioning; they need to learn that your lawn tastes bad. While one flock may move on, other flocks may move in to take their place, requiring another conditioning period. For best results, it is best to get on a consistent treatment program.

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Common Questions About Geese Control

Can I mow after a Goose Repellant Treatment?

Our goose repellent treatments adhere to the grass blades. Every mowing removes some of the product, so it is best to avoid mowing for as long as possible. When you do mow be sure to set mower on its highest setting to mow as little of the grass blade off as possible. Normally there is little flight control remaining after your third mowing.

Can I water my lawn after a Goose Repellant Treatment?

Our natural goose repellent treatments contain a special sticking agent that needs a few hours of drying time to bond with the grass blade. Once it has dried, it is okay to water as usual.

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