Your trees and shrubs represent your largest outdoor investment. Protect this investment with a professional plant health care program from Tree Care RX, a division of Turf Care Enterprises. We offer fertilization, insect control and disease control and expert consultations to keep your landscape plants healthy, strong and beautiful. Prolong the life of your trees and shrubs by signing up for one of our plant heath care programs today.

ISA-Certified Arborists

Don’t put your valuable trees and shrubs into the hands of just anyone. Our green team of ISA Certified Arborists are trained experts. They understand our local growing conditions, our unique plants and all the insect and disease threats of our local area. They understand exactly what your unique plants need to thrive, survive and live long healthy lives. For over 20 years, the arborists at Turf Care Enterprises have cared for and protected trees and shrubs throughout Barrington and the northeastern Illinois region. They know the most common tree and shrub problems in this area and have found the treatments that work best. Put the experience of our green team of ISA certified arborist to work for you.

Benefits of a Treatment Program

Just like eating healthy, exercising, and taking vitamins for our bodies, we need to think about doing the same for our trees. Many homeowners believe that trees and shrubs will do just fine left on their own. This might be true in the forest setting, but our urban soils have been stripped of their rich prairie topsoil years ago. Most of our trees and shrubs are forced to grow in heavy clay soils with limited nutrition. These poor growing conditions are the main reason our trees and shrubs have so many health issues.  A plant health care program complete with proper nutrition will help give your plants more of what they lack from their natural forest setting. A good plant health care program will improve the health and beauty of your landscape plants and help them live longer lives.

Create My Tree Care Program

Tree & Shrub Care Treatment Programs

Our arborists can customize a plant health care program for your unique plants and soil conditions. Or you can choose from one of our standard plant health care programs below.

The Bronze Tree & Shrub Care Program – This program provides your trees and shrubs with 100% organic fertilization twice a year, once in the Spring and again in the Fall. Our fertilizers provide the nutrition your plants need for optimal health and beauty. More on our 100% organic fertilizers

The Silver Tree & Shrub Care Program – This program contains all the services and benefits of our Bronze program, plus an additional 3 visits to inspect your trees and shrubs for insects and diseases and treat accordingly. The silver program has a total of 5 annual services.

The Gold Tree & Shrub Care Program – This program includes all the services and benefits of our Silver program plus 2 additional visits to inspect your trees and shrubs for insects and diseases and treat accordingly. The gold program has a total of 7 annual services.

Our Service Advisors will be happy to guide you to the program that is the right fit for your tree and shrub needs. Get a free program estimate today!

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Last year was our second year as homeowners, and we are delighted with both their turf care and tree care programs. All services are delivered as promised by friendly technicians who provided written reports after their treatments, and who were happy to answer any questions. There is always someone ready to answer the phone, and emails are promptly read and replies quickly sent.

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Rich Santella

Lawn & Weed Care Customer

“Finally a company that uses more environmentally friendly chemicals for weed control. Now I don’t have to worry about my pets on the lawn. They got rid of our weeds right away.”

Cyndi Burks

Tree Care Customer

“We have used Turf Care for many years for servicing our trees.  We have a ton of them.  They are experts at what they do.  You can pre-pay for serves online at a discount which is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend them!”

Christine Graham

Outdoor Pest Control Customer

“Turf Care has done a wonderful job on the fertilization and pest control on my lawn. I have had Turf Care for 3 years now and my lawn looks fantastic. I have dogs so I did not want chemicals used and their products fits my needs.”

Elizabeth P.

Long time customers of Turf Care and we love them! They have helped us resolve many types of lawn issues and are always respectful of our budgetary needs. I feel comfortable knowing the product is safe for our dog and for a home close to the water…

James M.

Have used Turf Care for about five years. The service they provide is top notch. I recommend them to anyone who would ask. Very professional and polite. You cannot go wrong in choosing Turf Care!