Providing nutrients to your plants through proper fertilization is one of the most important things you can do to improve the health of your valuable trees and shrubs. Our region’s poor soils need supplements to assist our transplanted trees to grow properly and help them better recover from diseases, insects, and damage from environmental stresses.

The Importance of Tree & Shrub Fertilizer

The urban & suburban soil in northeast Illinois are lacking many of the key nutrients trees & shrubs need to grow healthy and strong, so they can fight off diseases, pests, and other stressors. By giving your trees & shrubs the nutrients they need, your plants can build up their reserves and better handle stressors like drought, over saturation of soil due to heavy rains or flooding, construction in the root zones, air pollution, urban environment, and storm damage.

100% Organic Tree Fertilizer

Our Tree Care Treatment Programs use 100% organic fertilizers to improve soil conditions. Included in our organic fertilizers are Mycrorrhizae that assist your plants in efficiently taking up the nutrients needed to treat issues, recover from pest and disease damage, and create a healthy strong plant. Our Organic Tree Care Treatment Programs will fertilize and treat your specific types of tree or shrub at the optimal time, giving them the soil conditions they so desperately need to be strong and healthy. Our professional ISA Certified Arborists will provide you with the solutions your trees and shrubs need to thrive.

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Tree Care Treatment Program

Tree Care RX a division of Turf Care Enterprises will customize a Tree Care Treatment Program for you that considers your budget and the specific problems and issues your trees and shrubs commonly face, including fertilization, or nutrient replacement along with disease and insect protection where applicable.

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Pro Tip: Consider Spring & Fall Fertilization

There are two ideal times to apply fertilizer for trees & shrubs: Spring & Fall. We prepare your plants in the Spring with nutrients that will help flowers, color, and overall health excel. The Fall treatments help build storage of reserves, root development, and root mass.

Common Questions About Tree Fertilization

Why do trees need fertilizer?

Trees remove large quantities of nutrients from the soil each year utilizing them for growth and development. In a forest setting, trees have a natural nutrient cycle in which the nutrients they remove from the soil are returned when leaves, twigs and fruit fall to the ground and decompose. This natural cycle is self-sustaining and has allowed forest trees to grow large and healthy for centuries.

In our urban environments, the natural nutrient cycle is broken, as the organic forest floor has typically been replaced by turf grass. Falling leaves, twigs, and fruit are quickly removed to maintain a manicured lawn. Competition with lawns and other underlying plants further depletes the nutrients from our soils. If this weren’t enough, urban tree roots are confined by smaller spaces. Roads, driveways, patios, and houses all limit the area urban trees are able to obtain nutrients from. Urban trees end up being less healthy and live much shorter lives than those in the forest. They are lacking essential nutrients they need to grow due to poor soils, abiotic problems (man-made causes), bad weather, etc. If they had a forest floor and ecosystem nutrition available to them, fertilization would not be needed.

What are Mycorrhizae Fungi?

Mycorrhizae fungi probably doesn’t sound like something you want to give to your plants. Mycorrhizae is actually a very beneficial fungi that we include in our 100% organic fertilizers. It plays an important role in plant nutrition and helps enhance your plants root system by giving it the extra boost that it needs to function better in what we already know are poor Midwest soils.

Mycorrhizae are a big part of our organic Tree Care Treatment Programs that naturally and organically enhance the soil food web with live microbiology helping with earthworms and activating that natural machine to move things around in your soil that typical synthetic fertilizers won’t do.

Are your treatments safe?

All our applications are guaranteed to work like we promise, and all have been tested and proven to be safer than common table salt for your family and pets.

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I have used the services of Turf Care for several years now and find them to be thorough and responsive. I trust them to care for my lawn, trees and shrubs. The folks that care for my landscapes always ring the doorbell, we discuss the conditions of the turf, the trees and shrubbery. I am happy, happy, happy! Thanks!

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