Creepy and potentially dangerous insects like spiders, crickets, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, fleas, ants, and more are constantly seeking shelter and an easy food source inside your home. Once your home is invaded, it can be very frustrating and expensive to try and eliminate these pests safely and effectively. Turf Care Enterprises will help keep your family safe by applying barrier treatments that will keep insects outside your home where they belong.

Stop Pests Before They Enter Your Home

Adding Turf Care Enterprises Home Guard – Pest defense treatments to your home protection plan will reduce the risk of exposure to your family by decreasing or eliminating the need to use pesticides inside your home. Our treatments are applied around the foundation of your house creating a barrier that stops those creepy pests from gaining entrance to your home. Treatments are colorless, odorless, and safe for children and pets. Just 4 treatments a year are all that is needed to keep those creepy insects out of your home all year long, guaranteed.

What Pests are Covered

Our foundation treatments are designed to block a variety of common backyard insects from entering your home. These include most of the crawling insect varieties like: spiders, crickets, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, fleas, ants and many more.

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Common Questions About Pest Control

How can I further prevent insects from entering my home?

There are some preventive steps you can take to keep pests away from your home, including:

  • Move firewood piles away from your foundation
  • Seal cracks around windows and doors
  • Seal any cracks in the foundation
  • Keep garbage areas clean
  • Keep shrubs and ornamental plants pruned away from the foundation of your home
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I have been using Turf Care Enterprises, Inc. for almost as long as they have been in business. They have treated our lawn in Hawthorn Woods as well as in North Barrington. Over a year ago we added their home perimeter pest control and that has also been a positive experience. Turf Care is responsive to any concerns and is always willing take the time to explain anything you might have questions about.

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“Each time a TurfCare person comes out to service our property, they text me as I have requested. I love the simple text communications with the TurfCare technicians…Just simple communication makes me feel very good about this company.”

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“Very professional team, quality work, good results, fair price.”

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“We are happy with the appearance of our yard. Turf Care regularly notes changes and applies whatever is necessary for a good looking lawn. They are on time, good at keeping us informed, and professional. We have used their service for years.”

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“Our yard looks amazing! Our lawn is super green and no weeds. Thanks so much for the great service!”

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“Great job bringing my 2 acre yard back to life. No more crab grass patches or dandelions. More than a few guests at our house mentioned how nice our lawn looked.”