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Tree care services

Tree Problems?

Not sure what’s wrong with your tree or shrub? Turf Care’s team of ISA-certified arborists have your answers. If you live in the north, northwest, or west suburbs of Chicago and need help diagnosing a tree or shrub problem quickly, your answers are just a phone call or click away.

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How would you like healthier trees and shrubs without using dangerous chemicals?

Our Approach to Tree and Shrub Care in Our Chicagoland Area

    Natural-Based Holistic Care

Turf Care Enterprises is not your typical tree and shrub care service. We provide a natural-based holistic approach, using primarily natural, organic, mineral, and eco-friendly materials.

Safer Tree and Shrub Care

You’ll appreciate that our treatments are proven to work, but more importantly, they are all clinically tested and proven to be less toxic than common table salt.

Family Owned and Operated

We are a family owned and operated local company that has been taking care of plants in the north and western Chicagoland area since 1986. The owner and most of our employees were born and raised here. We love giving back to our local communities by improving the health and beauty of our neighbors’ lawns, trees, and shrubs.

Your Local Experts

We’re your local experts who completely understand our local plants, growing conditions, and the challenges your plants face. Check out our service area in the Chicago suburbs.

Personalized Programs

You’ll appreciate that we do not follow the traditional cookie-cutter tree care approach of applying the same treatments and services to all properties. Your program is personalized to meet your goals and budget. Your treatments are tailored around the specific needs of your plants, using IPM principles.

Put our experience to work for you!


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to produce superior results for you, which is why we only use high-quality products and treatments that have been proven to be effective. Read more »

Award Winning Service

Award-Winning Service

When we say our customers come first, we actually mean it. We are consistently the highest-rated plant health care service in this area! Read more »

Safety Assurance

Safety Assurance

We have families too, which is why we use the safest treatments available. We are proud to say that all our treatments are clinically proven to be less toxic than common table salt. Read more »

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our treatments and services are guaranteed to work like we promise, or we’ll refund your money. Read more »

Organic-Based Products

Organic-Based Products

Our natural-based holistic lawn and tree care approach not only improves the health of your plants, it significantly reduces pesticide use, and is the basis of our dedicated commitment to the environment. If your plants ever need help fighting pests, you have our assurance we will take a natural-based approach that examines cultural, biological, natural, and organic pest control options first.

Our Tree Care Services

Tree inspection


Not sure what is wrong with your tree or shrub? Our green team of ISA Certified Arborists are here to help and efficiently identify your problem.

Tree fertilization


One of the most important services you can provide for your trees and shrubs is proper fertilization. Proper nutrition is critical to optimize your plants’ health and beauty. Without proper nutrition, your plants cannot build natural defenses against insects, diseases, and other environmental conditions.

Soil testing

Soil Testing

Not sure what nutrients may be lacking in your soil for optimal plant health? We offer soil testing to get you those answers.


Insect Control

Are insects eating your trees or shrubs? Our Arborists can identify your problem quickly and easily. If it turns out you do have insects, we have many treatment options available.

Tree disease control services

Disease Control

Worried your tree or shrub might have a disease? Our Arborists can identify your problem quickly and easily. If it turns out you do have a disease, we have many treatment options available.


Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Protection

Do you have Ash trees? If so, we can help protect them from the deadly Emerald Ash Borer.

Tree insect treatment

Insect Inspection Treatment Program

Are you too busy to be keeping an eye on your plants? When you select our insect inspection treatment program, an arborist will visit your property at critical times throughout the year to inspect your plants for destructive insects and will apply the necessary insect controls.

Tree trunk injection

Trunk and Soil Injections

Trunk injections are a great way of administering nutrients, insect controls, or disease controls directly into your tree. These materials get taken up by your tree’s vascular system and transported to all areas of your tree. Soil injections are similar to trunk injections, except materials are injected into the soil for root uptake.

Tree growth regulators

Growth Regulators

Have a tree that is growing too fast or outgrowing its location? We can apply plant growth regulators to help control your tree’s growth.

Air excavation for trees

Air Excavation

Have a tree that was planted too deep? Is your soil compacted and restricting proper root development? Do you have girdling roots? These and many other problems can be solved with our supersonic air excavation service.

Deer repellent on trees

Deer Repellent

Are deer devouring your plants? We can help protect your property with an effective and safe deer repellent.

Evergreen winter protection

Evergreen Winter Protection

Evergreens are commonly subject to winter desiccation. Our treatments can help protect your evergreens against this common problem!

Tree fruit reduction

Fruit Reduction Treatments

Are your trees making a mess of your patio, sidewalk, driveway, or lawns? We have treatments for helping to reduce your tree’s seed and fruit production.


ISA Certified Arborists

Turf Care Enterprises, Inc. counts itself among more than 30,000 arborists that are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. The ISA is an organization that promotes safe and best practices for arborists internationally, by focusing on educating the arboreal community with sound science and cataloging credentials for leading and certified arborists.
Turf Care is ISA certified, so what?
Our ISA certification doesn’t just mean we rank among leading arborists. It means our professional services also come with an educational standard that isn’t only valuable for customers, but also an integral component to what Turf Care feels makes for good arboriculture. The experts at Turf Care are constantly learning and improving their standards and practices. We want to share our knowledge about tree care and appreciation, as well as our dependable service and that’s what makes us an ISA certified arborist.

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Serving Northeastern Illinois

Based in Barrington, IL, we provide integrated pest management, lawn care, and tree & shrub services throughout the Chicago suburbs, including our neighbors in Lake, McHenry, Cook, Kane, and DuPage counties.
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