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Wayne, IL Lawn Care Service

Are you looking for lawn care service for your Wayne home?

We’ve been making Wayne-area lawns lush and healthy since 1986.

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Our Wayne, IL Lawn Care Services

We provide everything your lawn needs to look its best: fertilizer, weed control, insect control, aeration, dethatching and seeding. Our green team of ISA-certified arborists and lawn care professionals knows what it takes to turn even the weakest Wayne lawns into the envy of their neighbors.

Our Services Include:

  • Organic Fertilization
  • Weed & Crabgrass Control
  • Insect Control
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Disease Control
  • Soil Testing
  • Over Seeding
  • Dethatching
  • Slice Seeding

Who Are We?

We are Turf Care Enterprises, Inc., a family-owned and locally-operated lawn care, tree care and pest control service. Many of our employees were raised right here in Wayne. We all love the opportunity to give back to our neighbors helping them beautify and improve the health of their lawns, trees and shrubs. We are consistently the highest-rated lawn care service in the Wayne area. Check out our high service ratings, awards and reviews.

The Wayne Lawn Experts

How has a small company like ours become the experts on creating consistently green lawns in Wayne? Our secret: local experience. We have spent years working in the local Wayne community – including Lakewood, Valley View, and St. Charles – so we have learned what works best on your neighbor’s property. Bring that same knowledge and experience to your lawn, trees and shrubs, and enjoy a lawn that has never looked better.

Committed To Your Safety

Having a beautiful, green lawn is important, but not at the expense of harming your family by exposing them to dangerous chemicals. That’s why we provide Wayne residents with holistic lawn care treatments, using primarily natural, organic-based products, to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. All our treatments are proven to work, and we are proud to say that all are clinically proven to be less toxic than common table salt.

Targeted Pest Control

Insect and pest control is a specialized industry; you need to know what are the common local pests, where they live, and the most effective way to treat them. The best way to learn this is through years of local experience. For years, Turf Care has been the trusted pest management provider for homeowners in Wayne. With our Home Guard defense program, your home will no longer be swarmed by uninvited guests. These holistic treatments, which are odorless and safe for your family and pets, are proven to work, and we guarantee it!

Holistic Tree & Shrub Care

Our ISA-certified arborists will ensure your home’s trees and shrubs are growing and looking healthy. We provide comprehensive testing of the soil and yard, provide targeted treatments to combat insects and diseases, and administer fertilizers and soil injections to make sure your trees look their very best.

Yard Waste Collection Program in Wayne, IL

If you live in Wayne Township, you have access to a township program for disposing of your home’s yard waste. Residents can have their brush and branches picked up five times a year at no cost. Branches must be less than 6 inches in diameter and shorter than 5 feet long. Visit the township website for upcoming brush collection dates.

A limited number of Wayne residents can get 3 cubic yards of mulch delivered for free in the spring. Deliveries are made in May and the mulch is deposited in your driveway. Call 630-231-4923 in April to get your name on the list for mulch delivery.


Superior Results

As a local lawn care service, we understand how Wayne’s climate and soil affects your lawn, trees and shrubs. We have taken hundreds of soil tests from our local communities and have experimented with hundreds of different lawn care products and fertilizer formulations to discover what truly works best for your neighborhood. Put our service and experience to work for you, and your Wayne lawn will be on its way to becoming the envy of your neighbors.

5 stars

“We are very pleased with Turf Care and would highly recommend them to any of our friends and neighbors.”

—Daniel Verley, Bartlett, IL

Personal Service

kevin-dan-vanWe are a local, family-owned company that has always put our neighbors first. We are dedicated to helping our customers’ properties look the very best. That is why we create a personalized care plan to meet you needs, goals and budget. You will not find a higher-rated or award-winning lawn care or tree care service located in the Wayne area. Give us a call, and let us put our lawn care experience to work for you.

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