Our Natural-Based Holistic Approach

A common problem we at Turf Care find with many lawn and tree care providers is that they tend to focus on the visual symptoms they find, prescribing treatments to remedy the aesthetic properties of the problem instead of the root cause. Few companies look deeper than the surface to gain an understanding of why the problem exists in the first place. Our holistic approach to lawn and tree care focuses on identifying the root cause of your problem and correcting it fully.

Here are two examples:

Weeds – The traditional industry approach here is to spray your weeds with a herbicide (pesticide). Our holistic lawn care approach focuses on trying to understand why your lawn has weeds in the first place. Some weeds like compacted soils, short mowing, light frequent watering, or thin turf, so improving these conditions through better cultural practices, thickening your turf through proper nutrition, and loosening compaction with core aeration will provide a preventative measure for future weeds. The result is less weeds and less need for pesticides.

Insects and Diseases – The traditional industry approach here is to treat your lawn or trees with insecticides or fungicides (pesticides), going after the visual symptoms. But did you know that healthy plants have the ability to build natural defenses against insects and diseases? We work on giving your plants the nutrition and care they need for optimal health and to resist damage from pests. Most lawn and tree diseases in this area can be controlled naturally with our holistic approach.

Our natural-based holistic lawn and tree care approach not only improves the health of your plants, it significantly reduces pesticide use, and is the basis of our dedicated commitment to the environment. If your plants ever need help fighting pests, you have our assurance we will take a natural-based approach that examines cultural, biological, natural, and organic pest control options first. If these do not have the desired result, we will then choose the safest inorganic methods available. We are proud to say that all the treatments we use on lawns, trees and shrubs are extremely effective, but more importantly, they are clinically tested and proven to be less toxic than common table salt.

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“Very professional team, quality work, good results, fair price.”

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“Great job bringing my 2 acre yard back to life. No more crab grass patches or dandelions. More than a few guests at our house mentioned how nice our lawn looked.”