Our Tree Care Story

Kevin Vogeler

My name is Kevin Vogeler. I was born and raised in Palatine and currently live in Cary. I founded Turf Care Enterprises in 1986 on a simple desire to bring better and safer lawn care to our local northwestern Chicagoland area.

After a decade of success improving the health of local lawns while significantly reducing the amount of chemical pesticides in circulation, I realized our customers could also benefit from our natural-based holistic approach for their trees and shrubs.

We noticed the tree care industry was following the traditional method used by the lawn industry, with large tanker trucks that applied the same chemicals and pesticides to all plants, whether they needed them or not. This was clearly not in the best interest of the plants, but it also exposed families, their pets, and our environment to unnecessary safety concerns. So in 1997, we set out to make a difference by adopting our natural-based holistic approach for tree and shrub care.

What a difference this has made! In the landscape environment there are a lot of beneficial predatory insects. The traditional “spray all” approach was controlling the damaging pests, certainly, but was at the same time killing the beneficial insects. This approach was hard on our environment and affected the natural balance of things, making trees and shrubs more dependent on chemical pesticides to survive.

We personalize our plant health care programs around the goals of each homeowner. In our area, we grow hundreds of different plants, varieties, and cultivars, each with very different needs and subject to different pest threats. Our programs and treatments are designed around your plants’ specific needs, and we are proud to say that all the treatments we use for trees and shrub care are not only effective, but they are clinically proven to be less toxic than common table salt.

Today we employ four full-time ISA Certified Arborists to meet your needs. Thousands of local homeowners have embraced our natural-based holistic approach. They are enjoying healthier, more beautiful lawns, trees, and shrubs with techniques that are safer for their families, pets, and our environment. I hope you will consider joining them.

Kevin Vogeler
President – Turf Care Enterprises, Inc. and Tree Care RX
ISA Certified Arborist #1240
(847) 304-4144

More Than 2,800 5-Star Reviews

Rich Santella

Lawn & Weed Care Customer

“Finally a company that uses more environmentally friendly chemicals for weed control. Now I don’t have to worry about my pets on the lawn. They got rid of our weeds right away.”

Cyndi Burks

Tree Care Customer

“We have used Turf Care for many years for servicing our trees.  We have a ton of them.  They are experts at what they do.  You can pre-pay for serves online at a discount which is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend them!”

Christine Graham

Outdoor Pest Control Customer

“Turf Care has done a wonderful job on the fertilization and pest control on my lawn. I have had Turf Care for 3 years now and my lawn looks fantastic. I have dogs so I did not want chemicals used and their products fits my needs.”

Elizabeth P.

Long time customers of Turf Care and we love them! They have helped us resolve many types of lawn issues and are always respectful of our budgetary needs. I feel comfortable knowing the product is safe for our dog and for a home close to the water…

James M.

Have used Turf Care for about five years. The service they provide is top notch. I recommend them to anyone who would ask. Very professional and polite. You cannot go wrong in choosing Turf Care!