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Lawn Treatments that are Less Toxic Than Salt

lawn care safety

Virtually every substance on our planet has the potential to cause harm. Even beneficial products that are used incorrectly or used in high doses can cause harm. There are very few things that can be considered 100% safe, as most everything poses some potential risk. So if everything poses risk, the best way to honestly convey to our customers the risks our treatments pose to their families and pets is through our materials’ toxicity level.

Measuring Levels in Lawn Care Products

Every product we use in our treatments, including pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, have been thoroughly tested by state and federal authorities. Through clinical tests, our treatments have been tested to determine their toxicity in three ways:

  1. Inhaling the material
  2. Ingesting the material
  3. Absorbing the material

These levels is posted on the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), a form mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Safer Than Table Salt

When we’ve compared each of our treatment’s MSDS with the data sheet for common table salt (NaCl), we’ve found that all our treatments have a lower toxicity level than salt. This means that, when correctly applied, all of our lawn care, tree care, and pest control treatments are effective and are clinically proven to be less toxic than table salt.

MSDS sheets on our products are available upon request.



Holistic Approach: Safer for You and the Environment

With our holistic approach to lawn care, we don’t bombard your yard with a large amount of chemicals. Instead, we search for the root cause of any poor performance with your lawn or trees. Sometimes the solution is simple, like proper watering practices, aeration, or replenishing the nutrients in your soil. Each treatment is personalized to the unique needs of your lawn.

We only provide treatments that your lawn and soil need, and only to the areas that need it. That means no unnecessary yard-wide treatments or applications that coat your driveway or sidewalks. Since excess treatments often find their way into our local streams and lakes, our holistic approach is safer for both your lawn and our local ecosystem.

Integrated Pest Management

Our pest control service offers your home protection against unwanted pests in a manner that’s safe for your family. Instead of applying treatments inside your home, we create a Home Guard barrier around the exterior. This allows us to stop spiders, ants, and other pests before they ever enter your home. Each treatment is safe, odorless, and guaranteed to work for your home.

We also offer targeted treatments to remove mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and geese from your property. This includes all-natural repellants as well as simple preventative measures to remove the source of these pests. All our lawn care pest treatments are guaranteed to work throughout northern Illinois, protecting your family from the diseases these pests bring.


Industry-Leading Experience

As members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, Illinois Arborist Association (IAA), and the Illinois Turfgrass Foundation, we rely on the combined knowledge of the lawn care industry to stay current on the safest products and application methods.

We also have 30+ years of experience working with these products throughout northern Illinois. We’ve done hundreds of tests to ensure that our products are both safe and effective, so you can trust that our treatments will work to revitalize your lawn safely.

Satisfaction and Safety Guaranteed

We believe in open and honest communication. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment, simply give us a call at 847-304-4144.

We guarantee that all of our treatments will work as promised. If by chance a treatment does not work as advertised, we will follow up promptly with a re-treatment at no charge.

If your property develops a rare condition that requires the use of something stronger, you have our assurance we will get your permission first before applying anything with an increased toxicity level. As always, these treatments will follow our 10-point Safety Assurance.